Models and Theories in Human-Computer Interaction/The importance of Perceived Usefulness and Perceived Ease of Use in TAM

The importance of perceived ease of use and perceived usefulness in TAM


For an individual or organization to transition from an early phase where they are skeptical about a new technology to a final phase where they are fully committed to that very same technology, it is very much about how well they understand the system and how efficient the new system has helped to improve their workflow. To get from that early phase of doubt to the final phase of user accepting the technology, perceived ease of use and perceived usefulness both play a very important role.

At OrderWithMe where I work, we create an online platform for retailers and suppliers across the U.S to create and manage their orders, invoices and make payments. Understanding that a high volume of invoices and orders on a daily basis could potentially present an overwhelming data interface for our user upon signing in, we spend a good amount of time working on mapping all important tasks, organizing them and consequently minimizing our interface to the simplest form possible. As a result, even though most of our customers are not tech savvy and usually are not comfortable with learning new software, the fact that the interface is very simple to use with consistent feedback gradually makes them feel comfortable. At this point, perceived easy of use moves them one step closer to accepting the new technology (most of them used to manage all invoices & orders manually through paper and phone calls).

Once our users find it comfortable to get started with the new system, without the initial burden of skepticism, they immediately save time and get more work done using our new platform (given that our platform is robust and fully functional). At this point, perceived usefulness in TAM works its magic as our customers are now able to perform their jobs much efficiently. As a final result, their behavioral intention is formed and they are now convinced this new technology is what they need.