Models and Theories in Human-Computer Interaction/TAM as an Outline in Need of Thoughtful Modifications

TAM as an Outline in Need of Thoughtful Modifications (Breann Bowe) edit

When considering the likelihood of acceptance of a form of technology, I believe the Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) is a useful starting point. However, as a standalone model, I don’t think it is detailed enough to account for all of the variables a group of users brings to the table. Later modifications to the Final TAM version have begun to address these variables but risk making the model unwieldy and impractical.

For example, at work I’ve been tasked with increasing the nursing department’s use of an optional feature within the electronic medical record (EMR). Knowing that “perceived usefulness” and “perceived ease of use” play a large part in a nurse’s decision to use this technology, I plan on focusing my training on the simplicity and worth of this feature. As the use of this feature is an optional step in a mandatory process, I need to consider additional variables to make my approach a “better sell.” Still, these variables will be things I have to add onto the TAM myself.

Simply put, I do agree with the Technology Acceptance Model. However, I think it should be used as more of an outline with modifications thoughtfully made to better suit the needs of the assessor. There is no doubt that “perceived usefulness” and “perceived ease of use” are important points to consider, but there are also additional field-specific variables that may provide important insight in the prediction of technology acceptance.