Models and Theories in Human-Computer Interaction/TAM and Engineering

The technology acceptance model was a little more relate-able to me, especially since I work on engineering software. In our industry, engineers are reluctant to change because they get comfortable working in a system and may even have existing projects that have already been created and managed in another system. For us, it can be difficult for new designs to be accepted even though they may be more usable. I believe that many of our users already have a negative attitude towards using new software because they may feel that it will make their work more difficult and they will have to learn a new system.

The current systems are quite difficult to use and many users complain about it, but at the same time, they have taken the time to learn it and can use it. A new interface means they need to learn how to use it again and they may remember the experiences they had when trying to learn the current system. Davis does not mention how previous experiences could affect the attitude and perceived ease of use of the new technology which are both important factors as I think that perceived usefulness exists with the users, especially if a new, useful feature has been added.

I can understand the reluctance our engineers have to using new technologies, but if we can truly provide a useful product, demo the ease of use, and provide successful marketing we can try to gain more acceptance from users.