Models and Theories in Human-Computer Interaction/Predicable Outcomes

Predictable Outcomes (Steven Campbell) edit

Design approaches are varied and many, as are the approaches to the science of Cybernetics, which is a basically a study of feedback. The thing to remember is that predictable, constant and reproducible out comes are the primary concern of Cybernetics. Basically to maintain an equilibrium in potential outcomes. Also it’s concerned with how inputs affect that desired outcome state. It can be applied to any complex system be it biological, technological or social.

As it a study of feedback, which hopes to achieve a stated outcome there are several ways this feedback could play out – a steady manner, in a growth manner, or in a change manner. The steady manner involved the outcome not being positive in the direction we are looking for and at the end the system auto corrects back to base. The growth manner where the expected outcome develops on a new course, based on the situation usually something negative occurring. The change is manner where a different outcome is the achieved state, usually based on interaction of positive and negative actions.

These manners can help explain how system/organisms will respond given different inputs.