Models and Theories in Human-Computer Interaction/Diffusion of Innovation - ExactEmerge

Introduction edit

“Diffusion is the process through which an innovation, defined as an idea perceived as new, spreads via certain communication channels over time among the members of a social system.” (Rogers, 13) Diffusion of Innovation is a great model, especially when it comes to marketing a new innovation. I see several of these method used at John Deere when marketing to dealers and farmers. In my example I will be looking at John Deere and ExactEmerge planting technology.

Characteristic of Technology edit

Relative Advantage is shown with every new release, there is a new feature that is meant to provide an advantage. For example, John Deere’s new ExactEmerge technology that increases accuracy and speed while planting. This system shows compatible by using the ExactEmerge Retrofit Kits. ExactEmerge is equipped with sensors will inform the user of population, seed spacing, seed singulation through the use of a monitoring system, thus reducing the complexity involved with measuring. Deere also demonstrates observability through equipment demonstrations and testimonials.

Category of Adopters edit

There is a network in which John Deere operates. They have their innovators, the customers that are involved in the process of development. Then there is the early adopters, John Deere has made strategic partnerships with large dealerships that are willing to invest in the latest and greatest. It is here where the market is first tested and take off. Once it has demonstrated success, promotional material are made, and word of mouth spreads, then the early majority also invest. Then the market has proven successful and the late majority follow up the trend with a few laggards behind.