Models and Theories in Human-Computer Interaction/Accelerated Returns

The Law of Accelerating Returns (Daniel Gorsuch) edit

Looking at the history of technology, it is seen that technological advancement happens exponentially. The rate of advancement in the 21st century is so profound it is unprecedented in human history. For the first time, in human history we are at the point of immerging biological intelligence with non-biological intelligence. The intuitive linear view dramatically underestimates the advancement of technology because it does not consider the exponential factor of the rate to the evolution of technology. This is historical exponential view. The rate of progress is not constant, however it fluctuates exponentially over time due needs and to the adoptability of humans within their environment. The Law of Accelerating returns utilizes positive feedback advancing more capable biological and technological methods moving forward in time. How the advancement is used ether biologically or technologically impacts the continued advancement. Technological evolution is an aspect of human biological evolution. As exponential advancement occurs it can move to a point where a paradigm shift occurs, the most unique example is the emergence of the world-wide web. This technology did not exist until recently and has had a significant impact to humanity globally.