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Use this index to look up any grammatical point or term, prefix, suffix or other grammatically relevant item (in Miskito or English) covered in the course. Just click on the first letter below and then scroll down until you find the item you are looking for in the alphabetical list on the left. On the right-hand side you will see a brief specification or explanation of the point. Hover the mouse pointer over an item in the alphabetical list to see which lesson covers it. For more information, clicking on the link will take you to the relevant section.

a kum
-a ligature
a-verbs conjugation
ai his, her
-aia infinitive
-aisa future tense
aisaia irregular: aisaras
an kum
and bara
-an past tense
ani which
ani wina where from
anira where
ditto where to
anything diara
apia no
apia kaia negation of kaia
apia sa isn't/aren't
are sa
at ra
au yes
aula comes (present)
auya goes (present)
ba the
baha determiner
ditto that
baha wina from there
bahara there
balaia come (irregular)
ditto come (present)
banghwaia plural auxiliary
bara and then, and so
bara sa there is/are
be infinitive: kaia
ditto present: sna, sma, sa
compound nouns use of ligature in
ditto prias watla
compound verbs hilp munaia
ditto laik/nu/want kaia
connectors bara
definite article ba
demonstrative determiners naha, baha
demonstrative pronouns naha, baha
dia what
diara anything
direct object -ra with animates
exclusive vs. inclusive yang nani, yawan
from wina
future tense -aisa
ditto -aisna, -aisma, -aisa
gender no grammatical gender distinctions
genitive use of ligature
here nahara
hilp munaia compound verb
I, me yang
-i my
-i participle imperfect (-i kan)
ditto present tense formation
ditto with banghwaia
i-verbs briaia, piaia
ditto conjugation
imperfect -i kan
in ra
inclusive we yawan
inclusive vs. exclusive yawan, yang nani
infinitive -aia
is sa
-isa present tense
-isa, -isma, -isna present tense
isn't apia sa
-ka ligature
kaia be (infinitive)
ditto be (present)
ditto compound verbs with ~
ki question particle
kum a, an
kum kum some
laik kaia to like
li ligature: laya
ligature -ka
ditto -(y)a
loan words hilp munaia
ditto laik/nu/want kaia
-m your
mairin irregular ligature form
man personal pronouns
man nani you (plural)
my -i
na this
naha determiner
ditto this
naha wina from here
nahara here
nani plural marker
nani (with personal pronouns) plural marker
negation apia sa
ditto -ras
negation -ras + kaia
no apia
nothing diara
nu kaia know
on ra
other wala
pali very
past tense -an
past tenses simple past, imperfect, negative
personal pronouns yang, man, witin, yawan
personal pronouns (plural) yang nani, man nani, witin nani
plural nani
plural personal pronouns yang nani, man nani, witin nani
plural verbs same forms as singular
ditto auxiliary banghwaia
postpositions ra
prepositions → postpositions
present tense -isa
ditto -isna, -isma, -isa
prias watla compound noun
questions ki
ra in, on, at
ditto to
ditto object marker
-ras negative verb form
-ras + kaia negative
sa are
ditto is
ditto often omitted
simple past -an, vs. imperfect
sma (you) are
sna (I) am
some kum kum
subject omission of
ditto position of
takaia lan/wark ~
that baha
ditto baha ... -ka
the ba
there bahara
there is/are bara sa
they witin nani
this na
ditto naha
ditto naha ... -ka
to ra
tuktan irregular ligature form
very pali
waia go (irreguar)
ditto go (present)
wal with
wala other
wan our (inclusive)
want kaia want
we exclusive: yang nani
ditto inclusive: yawan
what dia
where anira
who ya
whom yaura
wina from
with wal
witin he, she
ditto personal pronouns
witin nani they
word order verb-final
ya who
-ya ligature
yang I, me
ditto personal pronouns
yang nani we (exclusive)
yaura whom
yawan we (inclusive)
ditto personal pronouns
ditto versus yang nani
yes au
you man
ditto plural: man nani
your -m