Lesson plan

Date: April 19, 2013. Grade: 3rd Grade. Discipline: Foreign Language. Number and name of unit I I I usual activities.


At the end of this lesson students will be able to:

  • Describe parts of they body
  • What part of their body they like and why?
  • Use charades to learn new vocabulary of part of the body.

Basic content

  • Parts of the body

Development Here to introduce the vocabulary I WILL have students guess the vocabulary by using the charades: this is consist of showing pictures to the students with different parts of the body. They will draw it on the white board while the others will guess the names.


Foot Ankle Mouth Lip Teeth Hand Hair Head Finger

These are just some of the name that they will guess. This activity will help student since they will see the picture and how to write it so that they can learn the names.

Also students will try to describe parts of their body and say what they like about it.

Home work

  • Unscramble these letters to find names of parts of the body and make sentences:

1. mra ___________ arm 2. hselayese _________ eyelashes 3. drbae_____________ beard 4. coumahest __________ moustache 5. htmuo ____________ mouth 6. eken _______________ knee