Minecraft resource gathering/Tables

These are some tables that you can use as a quick reference.

Things that can be used as fuel
Name Where to find it
Coal Underground. Can be mined with any pickaxe.
Wood Can be chopped from trees, villager houses, or abandoned mineshafts.
Blaze Rods Dropped from blazes.
Lava Can be found deep underground or in the Nether.
Charcoal You smelt logs in a furnace to get charcoal
Sapling Dropped from trees
Name Where to find it
Wheat By breaking tall grass, and also by raiding village farms.
Carrot Village farms, rare drop from zombies, certain chests.
Potato Same as Carrot.
Beetroot Village farms and certain chests.
Tool tiers
Tier Where to find it
Wood Get from trees in the Overworld and the Nether
Stone Found under dirt in the Overworld. Blackstone, found in Basalt Deltas, in

the Nether can be used as well.

Iron Found underground in the Overworld.
Gold Found underground in the Overworld.
Diamond Found deep underground in the Overworld.
Netherite Made from Ancient Debris, which is found deep underground in the Nether.