Minecraft resource gathering/Crops

There are a variety of crops that you can plant. Some are hard to farm and some are extremely and just take patience. Here are the crops.



First of all, there is Wheat, grown from Wheat seeds. Wheat requires Wheat seeds, grass or dirt and a hoe of any kind (most commonly wood, stone or iron). Place the dirt if required and till the dirt using a hoe by right clicking it with the hoe in your hand. then place the seed and either wait for it to grow or use bone meal from skeletons. These are the main ways to use most of these. Farm land also grows quicker when it is near water. Water can reach crops up to 4 blocks which means a 9 by 9 area of farm land with water in the middle creating 80 spaces with one water source. Once it has grown, break the wheat block and you will get Wheat and 0-2 seeds back. Add more seeds and expand your farm to increase efficiency.


Beetroot seeds can be planted the same way as Wheat seeds. 6 beets and a bowl can be crafted into beetroot soup,but Beetroot Soup does not stack.


Carrots can be grown the same way as well, but the whole carrot is planted in. No seeds for it.


Potatoes are planted the same as carrots except a bit less efficient. it gives less hunger points and it has a chance to be a poisonous Potato (has green pieces coming around it) which has a 60% chance of giving you poison for 5 seconds. However, it is one of the few farmable foods that can be smelted to be better. This creates a cooked potato.


Melons will be different from everything mentioned so far. Instead of the seed growing the crop, the seed grows a stem that soon grows a crop, the melon block (stem can not be bonemealed to quick melon access). These melon stems will keep growing melons as long as the stem is not broken or the places for it to grow it (the four blocks in each direction of it) are obstructed (block placed there) Melon blocks can be broken. It will drop melons or, using silk touch, drop melon blocks which can be crafted into nine melons.


Pumpkin is grown the same as Melons, except it has different features. You can craft pumpkin pies by putting egg, sugar and carved pumpkin together in a line. To get a carved pumpkin, place the pumpkin and shear it. It will drop another pumpkin seed which you can use to farm again.


Bamboo is a crop that can be grown using Bamboo. You can find Bamboo in Jungles and Jungle temples. You can plant bamboo on a dirt block, grass block, coarse dirt, gravel, mycelium, podzol, sand, red sand, or the new rooted dirt. Basically any type of dirt. It will grow from 12-16 blocks in the air. When finished, break the block above the block on the ground which will make the whole bamboo stick shatter and the bamboo will fall, leaving the stem still there to grow. Bamboo is the only farming material so far that can be used as furnace fuel and can be turned into stick.

Cocoa beansEdit

Cocoa beans are plants that are very unique. Cocoa beans are planted and can only be planted on jungle logs so be sure to pick some up while getting that bamboo. Fully grown Cocoa beans look orange instead of greenish or brownish. Harvest them by breaking them. then place them back.


Most crops in Minecraft have real world counterparts, with the exception of Nether Wart, Chorus Fruit, Nether Fungus (red and blue) and Glow Berries