Micronations/Micronational war

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War against another nation


Declaring war


Micronations can declare war on other micronations just like other countries. However recognized counties (called macronations by the micronation community) typically will not recognize it as a real war. As such they may arrest anyone who participants in the war if the war turns violent.

Prosecuting the war


Mock War


Micronations usually fight war jokingly.

Some also fight in non lethal ways such as paintball or airsoft. This allows micronations to fight without wasting human capital, or evoking a police response from host macronations.

Real War


There are good reasons why micronations almost never fight serious wars. First and foremost, there is rarely a good reason to fight, as micronations rarely share disputed borders or contest resources. Secondly a real war is logistically difficult, and poses great expense on a host nation, both in human lives and materially. Micronations typically have little human capital relative to most conflicts, so conserving it is even more important then it is for macronations. Additionally, micronations rarely share borders, so even traveling to other micronations can be difficult.

If the two micronations would actually fight with weapons, the actual recognized countries nearby might declare the individuals participating in micronational war as violent criminals, and this would lead to police action. With many micronations, the arrest and potential imprisonment of involved micronation citizens would either lead to significant or total depopulation.

The scale of micronational war does lead to some significant differences from macronational war.

In some cases, such as during the Molossian-Mustachistani War, surrounding recognized countries instead remained neutral.

Ending the war


Micronations most commonly end wars with peace treaties, declaring peace between the two nations. However some do end in one side surrendering.

List of already occurred wars