Micronations/Micronational war/Achenbach Rebellion

The Achenbach Rebellion was a very short actual war that was to stop a number of Dutch and German invaders who staged a rebel insurrection and attempted to overthrow the Sealandic government. During the time, Prince Roy of Sealand was away in Britain! The rebels took Prince Roy's son Michael hostage and took Sealand by force. Once Prince Roy returned, he quickly captured the rebels and held them as prisoners of war. Then a while later, Germany and the Netherlands requested that Sealand repatriate the citizens to their homeland. The Dutch citizens were released immediately, but the German, having been convicted by Prince Roy's government of treason (for claiming to represent the legitimate government of Sealand), was held for longer. But after a day or two, he was sent home. The quick war was the first to have involve interaction with other countries, and was a huge victory for Sealand!