MediaWiki Developer's Handbook/Literature

A number of additional books relate to learning how to develop (or hack/extend) Medawiki software. ("Hacking" is used here in the non-pejorative sense of the word. See Hacking/Introduction/The hacker ethic for an explanation.)

  • PHP Programming (see also Wikipedia:PHP)
  • SQL (especially MySQL, until wholly free (including free-for-commercial use) databases like PostgreSQL are fully supported, at which point the conversion/migration process is to be described here on this page) (see also Wikipedia:SQL or (see also Wikipedia:MySQL))
  • Subversion (the system used by many open source projects including Mediawiki) to keep track of changes to its development. This would be useful for those wishing to publish their changes to the code, especially to the main branch of code (i.e., not as much for extensions, though these could be done through SVN as well).
  • MediaWiki Administrator's Handbook