Mathematics Worksheet/Social Arithmetic/Loss and Profit

Do the following story problems carefully and round to the nearest cent if applicable. (6 questions)

1 A television is sold at a price of $960. If you get a 25% profit, determine the buying price.

2 Mr. Bayu buys a car at a price of $5000. Because the car is broken he sells it, getting a price of $8000. Does he suffer a profit or a loss? Determine the percentage of his profit or loss.

3 Mrs. Katie buys a calculator with a price of $86. She sells it for a profit of 18.5%. Determine the sale price for the calculator.

4 Mrs. Grace sells a necklace priced $360. She get a profit of 15%. How much did Mrs. Grace buy the necklace?

5 Mr. Gani buys a horse for $180. Because the horse is sick, he sells it at a price of $135. Determine the percentage of his loss.

6 Shrill Investments buy 100 shares at $40. A day later they sell half of them at $50. The remainder are sold today at a price of $35. What profit do they make?