Mario franchise strategy guide/Species/Noki

Nokis are a species that were introduced in Super Mario Sunshine. They have a shell that covers their entire bodies, sort of like that of a hermit crab's, except for their heads, arms, and legs. Nokis exist on Isle Delfino with the Piantas. Nokis mostly live near water. The Noki primarily appear in Noki Bay, but are also found in Sirena Beach, the Pinna Park, and Gelato Beach. Like Piantas, Noki come in a wide variety of colors. The girls sometimes wear headbands and have higher-pitched voices than the males.

Unlike the Piantas, the Nokis do not mention or seem to be aware of Shadow Mario. When a Noki's shell is jumped on or if they are squirted with water, they withdraw into their shell. They can also withdraw into their shells for extra defense.

In one mission of Noki Bay, a Noki Bay elder shrunk Mario into a jar so that he can collect eight Red Coins.

Nokis have also appeared as audience members in Mario Kart: Double Dash!! and Mario Power Tennis.

In Mario Superstar Baseball, besides being audience members, some of the female Nokis are playable characters. When playing as Noki, the player can choose between three color schemes.