Mario franchise strategy guide/Locations/Banana Hoard

The Banana Hoard is a fictional collection of golden fruit featuring in the Donkey Kong game series. It has been stolen a number of times, forming the main plot of the Donkey Kong Country games, and Donkey Kong 64, specifically. The Banana Hoard has an uncanny ability to appear far larger than it is. For example, though it is meant to consist of only 201 Bananas, it often looks more like it is in excess of 1,000 bananas. The current owner of the Hoard is Donkey Kong, who at present resides as King of DK Isles.

The SNES Banana Hoard
The Banana Hoard as seen in DK64

The Rareware BananaEdit

Since Donkey Kong 64, all of the Golden Bananas in the Banana Hoard have had a little Nintendo insignia on the side. However, the 201st Golden Banana, held by the Banana Fairy, has a Rareware logo on the side instead. This banana is a secret, and is required to achieve the game's 101% completion rating.