Mario franchise strategy guide/Items/Wing Cap

The Wing Cap is an item available in Super Mario 64. The Wing Cap is a red hat that allows Mario to fly, letting him reach previously unreachable areas, and collect airborne coins to earn stars. While wearing the Wing Cap, Mario's controls are inverted, just like airplane controls. The Wing Cap is found in red blocks marked with white exclamation marks, and are found in various levels in the game. The Wing Cap can also be used to fly around in front of the castle, after gaining access to the roof.

Mario using the Wing Cap in Super Mario 64

A great way to use the Wing cap is to push up on the control stick (which makes Mario go down) so Mario dives, and picks up speed. Then, push down on the control stick (which will make Mario go up) and Mario will zoom up to higher than where Mario was before you started the maneuver. The Wing cap lasts for only a short while, so don't be caught way above the ground when the Wing cap runs out.

Wing Cap BlocksEdit

The Wing Cap blocks have to be activated by accessing a secret level before they can be used. This level is available after obtaining about 10 stars. To enter the level, Mario must stand on the sun logo in the lobby of Princess Peach's Castle and look up. In the level, a large red switch must be pressed to activate the Wing Cap blocks.


In early development shots of Super Mario 64 DS, each of the characters was shown wearing a Wing Cap, but this does not happen in the game's story mode, as the Wing Cap is not an item. Instead, it is a special move for Mario, only available upon finding a feather from a red block. The other characters may only use the move in Wireless Multiplayer games.