Mario franchise strategy guide/Enemies/Manky Kong

Manky Kongs are one of the obstacles in the Donkey Kong Country game series. They are the only apes in the series that work for King K. Rool.

Background Edit

It is believed that the Manky Kongs were originally jealous of Donkey Kong's huge Banana Hoard and so they took off from DK Isles.[citation needed] It is unknown why they had teamed up with King K. Rool. Manky Kongs throw barrels (sometimes TNT barrels) at both DK and Diddy Kong every time they run into them, similar in fashion to the original Donkey Kong arcade game. Manky detests all Kongs, and attacks them on sight. However, their barrels are very weak and they can be defeated relatively easily.

Strategy Edit

Diddy can easily defeat Manky with his agile summersaults. He can also be defeated by Rambi the rhino, Winky the Frog, or sometime Enguarde the swordfish (by a GBA gameshark for the GBA version) in some stages. Manky Kongs have relatively limited intelligence and are not too difficult to injure. They are minor enemies, and nothing more than a diversion. To a skilled player, Manky Kongs are harmless.

Kong Family Relations Edit

It has been pointed out by fans that Manky bears a vague resemblance to Lanky Kong, from Donkey Kong 64, due to his name and color, though this seems unlikely. Such claims are unsupported and have not been confirmed by Rareware or Nintendo. It goes without saying that Manky Kong is no longer on good terms with any of the Kongs on DK Isles, and as such is not important in any plot lines. The manual for the SNES version of Donkey Kong Country describes them as "Kong reject orangutangs."