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Marijuana Cultivation/Fundamentals/Of Myths and Magic

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Of Myths and MagicEdit

There is certainly as much myth and folklore spreading around about marijuana usage and cultivation as anything else. This book attempts to slash through those myths to actual proven and utilized techniques that have been put into practice. It is highly recommended that you consider the tested information in this book as a primary source of information and doubt conflicting third party information until it is proven to you.

Some common myths that are seen include the use of menstrual blood for flowering. The claim that baking soda and vinegar will kill plants if used to adjust PH. Some people claim that absolutely any light level whatsoever will destroy crops and others claim that a couple hours of light in the middle of the dark cycle will improve the size of flowers. If you want to know the truth about these claims just dive on in ahead. Everything you need to grow high quality, potent, and high yielding marijuana plants is contained in these pages.

Marijuana Cultivation

Introduction – Fundamentals – Seedlings – Vegetative Growth – Cloning – Sexing – Flowering – Harvesting – Curing – Producing Seeds – Pests and Pest Control – Common Plant Problems