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Marijuana CultivationEdit


This book is to provide instruction on the use and cultivation of marijuana, also known as cannabis or hemp. In this book you will find all the information needed to go from seed to a fully functioning garden.


The information contained in this book is intended for use only in jurisdictions where the activities contained therein are legal. No claim of the accuracy, safety, or the legality of following the instructions contained in this book is made and it is not recommended to follow them. You are responsible for your own actions if you do so. Nothing contained in this book should be construed to be legal or medical advice.

How to UseEdit

This book is not designed to be read straight through. Information is organized by topic, although you can certainly read everything through you can also jump right to the topic you are interested in.



Copyright (C) 2009 Michael Fread

This text is licensed under the open licensing terms of the Wikibooks project so long as this copyright notice remains intact. It has been donated for free and collaborative use for the benefit of all those who need, want, or enjoy this plant which is capable of industrial utility, medical potency, recreational happiness, and even supplying the complete nutritional needs of the hungry.

Any part of this may be modified according to the terms of the aforementioned license but this section must remain intact.

Table of ContentsEdit

  1. Fundamentals
  2. Seedlings
  3. Vegetative Growth
  4. Cloning
  5. Sexing
  6. Flowering
  7. Harvesting
  8. Curing
  9. Producing Seeds
  10. Pests and Pest Control
  11. Common Plant Problems

Marijuana Cultivation

Introduction – Fundamentals – Seedlings – Vegetative Growth – Cloning – Sexing – Flowering – Harvesting – Curing – Producing Seeds – Pests and Pest Control – Common Plant Problems