Marathi months do not exactly match with English months.

List of Marathi Months

  1. चैत्र - Chaitra - April to May
    Chaitra begins with the new moon in April. The first day of this month is called Gudi Padwa, which marks the day of Hindu new year.
  2. वैशाख - Vaishakh - May to June
    Vaishakh is season of crop harvesting and the second month of hindu calendar.
  3. ज्येष्ठ - Jeshta -June to July
    Maharashtrians celebrate vat purnima in this month. This is third month of hindu calendar.
  4. आषाढ - Ashad - July to August
    In this fourth month, Maharashtrians celebrate Gurupurnima and ashadi ekadashi celebrate.
  5. श्रावण - Shravan - August to September
    This fifth month brings also the festivals of Naagpanchimi and Narali purnima.
  6. भाद्रपद - Bhadrapad - September to October
    This is month marks the festival of Ganesh Chaturthi.
  7. आश्विन - Ashwin - October to November
    Navratri, Durga puja, Kojagiri, Dasra, are all festivals celebrated in the seventh month of Ashwin.
  8. कार्तिक - Kartik - November to December
    Lakshmi pujan implies the worship of godess Lakshmi

Diwali Bhaubeej is celebrated in the month of Kartik.

  1. मार्गशीर्ष -Margashirshya -December to January
    Shree Datta Jayanti celebrated in the month of Margashirsh.
  2. पौष - Paush - January to February
    Makar sankranti is celebrated in this month & Paush अमावस्या is also celebrated in this month.
  3. माघ - Maagh -February to March
    Mahashivratri is celebrated in this month. On this day, people worship lord Mahadev.
  4. फाल्गुन - Faalgun - March to April
    This is last month in the Hindu calendar. Holi is celebrated in this month.