Mambo Open Source/Server requirements


System requirements edit

Server - Apache edit

Mambo Open Source is designed and developed to support Apache, but it may work on IIS and other server types and clients. Since Apache is the preferred server, this article will only mention Apache.

The operating system Apache is installed on can be anything that the Apache platform supports, but it is Linux, Mac OS X, Windows 2000/XP and BSD that has been tested properly. Unix based systems are recommended, for security and performance reasons.

Apache HTTP server

PHP edit

PHP will need to be installed and configured with Apache. Version 4.1.2 or newer is required. The MySQL and zlib modules must also be installed into PHP. There are tons of guides telling you how to do this, hopefully someone will create one here too.

PHP also needs to have a writable session save path. This is configured in the php.ini-file with the line session.save_path = /path. PHP need to have full access to the folder specified here. On a windows system, this path will be something like session.save_path = C:\Program Files\Something, while a unix system has the session.save_path = /home/var/www-system.

Here is a useful link for Windows users: Thread at

PHP official site

MySQL edit

The final ingredient is the MySQL database server. Mambo has been tested on MySQL 4.0 and 4.1 and can also run on later 3.0 releases.