Mambo Open Source/Modules

Modules are the sideblocks in mambo.

Mambo has predefined positions for these modules. The most common are the left and right positions. The designer of a template (see below) can place these positions wherever he/she wants, so there is no rule that says the left position will be on the left of the template. But templates are commonly set up so that this corresponds to the actual layout.

There are also more module positions. There are top positions, which are usually over both left and right modules, and also content. This position is good for newsflashes etc. There are many more positions to choose from, and one can create as many as one likes - you can have 30 different positions if you want to (see picture...Mambo Open Source/Modules positions ).


Complete list of modulesEdit

Amongst these are:

  • main menu module,
  • login,
  • poll,
  • syndicate - all the stuff around the content.