Mambo Open Source/Individual styling for each module position


This article explains how you can use the template to apply individual stylings for each module position. You can also create stylings for groups of modules.

What is the issue? edit

Sometimes it is useful with more than one module look on a site. A common way to create individual module stylings is to use the module class suffix function. The bad thing with this is that you need to know the code for the suffix, and insert it for every module in that position to get it styled.

This explains how to automate that, and use CSS to set default styling for all modules in a given position.

How to do it edit

To do this, you are going to wrap the module position in a div tag. This is done in the index.php file of the template. Find the module position, typically it looks like this:

<?php mosLoadModules("left"); ?>

To wrap it in the div dag, do this:

<div id="leftmodules"><?php mosLoadModules("left"); ?></div>