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This article explains very common issues in Mambo, especially concerning users that try to cope with Mambo for the first time.

The front page settings edit

The request "How do I change the settings on the front page" is heard very often in the mambo support communities. I hope this article clears this up.

Where are they? edit

If you want to change any setting on the front page, that is done in the parameters of the menu item. Those parameters can be reached in the menu manager. Go to "menu > main menu" to edit the main menu (normally, the front page link is there), and click on the link corresponding to the front page. In the list to the right, you can see a selection of parameters. Here you can edit all of the available settings of the front page - such as the amount of columns.

I want to have only one column on the front page! edit

To set the front page to have only one column, simply change the "Columns" parameter. That's it, really! You might want to increase the amount of items shown by increasing the amount in the "#number"-parameter.

I want only one article on the front page! edit

If you want to have only one single article on the front page, that is very easy. First you will need to have a content item that you would like to use. This could be one single item from a content section, or a static content item. As soon as you have the link that you want, you simply put it at the top of the main menu - as item number one. This makes it the front page - any item that is put at the top is made to the front page of your site.

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