Mambo Open Source/Getting Mambo


This explains how to get a copy of Mambo. It maybe sounds a bit strange that you need to download your website before you can use it, but it is similar to downloading any other program - Mambo is in a way a program, one that it creates, manages, and serves websites. Therefore, you will need to download it.

Mambo CMS - Download edit

You can use the official site, Mambo Code forge, to get a copy of mambo. This is the way most new users do it, and it is simple and easy. Here, you can also get additional information about Mambo - take a look yourself!

Mambo CMS - Forums edit

You can find the official Mambo CMS project forums at

Mambo CMS - The Foundation edit

Every great Open Source project has great leadership. The Mambo CMS project is no different. The non-profit Mambo Foundation was established in August 2005 to provide support and protection for the development of the Mambo software system. It is modelled after similar ventures, such as the Eclipse Foundation and the GNOME Foundation.