Mambo Open Source/Administration basics


This article explains basics about the administrator section in mambo, and how to use it.

What is the administration in mambo? edit

The administration part of Mambo (often called Backend) is a key element. What mambo does is managing your content, and it is in the administration you do this. Here you have all the settings, you administer the menu, add and manage content, upload files to the download manager and so on.

The administration section of mambo is often called "the backend" in the mambo community.

How to get there edit

You get to the administration panel by entering an address in the address field of the browser (the field where you enter url's). If your sites url is, the url to the admin section is If the address is, the access to admin can be gained through

If you just installed mambo, and chose to install it with sample data, you can find a link to the administrator panel in the menu.

Log in edit

When you enter the admin-section, you'll first get prompted for a username and password. If you haven't done anything with this after the installation, the username is admin and the password is the one you specified during installation.

Enter the appropriate values here, and it will take you to the administration part of mambo.

The admin panel edit

Now you see the admin panel, if everything worked prior to what mentioned above.

On the top of the page, below the logo, is the drop-down menu. Here are the links to perform all available tasks in mambo. Although, depending on access level which tasks shown may vary from user to user. But with the default admin account, you will have access to everything. See the user access article for more info about access levels.

In the middle to the left are the quickicons. These icons can be used to perform the most frequently performed tasks, as user management, content writing, menu management and image uploading.

This is the basics of administration, see other articles in this book for more details and further progress.