MagicJack/Support Resources/How-To/Priority

Windows edit

Setting the priority of the magicjack.exe process is performed manually like this:

  1. Alt-Ctrl-Delete to get into Task Manager.
  2. Locate the magicjack.exe process.
  3. Right click that process, and set the priority to High.

This can be automated in one of the following ways:

  1. Use Prio, a commercial product which is free for personal use. It has other useful features.
  2. Use Process util, a free tool.
  3. Script it as follows:
# Stop the existing process (XP)
tskill magicJack

# Stop the existing process (Vista)
taskkill /f /IM magicjack.exe

# Start a new process with high priority:
cmd.exe /c start "runhigh" /high 
       "[drive]:\Profile\[YourUserName]\Application Data\mjusbsp\magicJack.exe" 
       /foreground /scf _magicJackPersonalDataRoot "[drive]:\magicJack"
  • Notes:
  • Remove the line breaks on the "cmd.exe" line.
  • Keep all the quotes.
  • Replace the bracketed values with values that match your installation.
  • You can find your mjusbsp folder using dir mjusbsp /s from a command (DOS) window, at the root directory (cd \) of each drive.
  • The ""magicJack" at the end of the cmd line refers to a hidden folder on one of the two drives created when you insert the MagicJack device. You may have to enable "hidden folders" to see it. Google for instructions on how to see hidden folders in Windows.

Warning: MagicJack chat support has instructed Windows users to give priority to all background processes by right clicking on My Computer, and changing a setting somewhere in there. That's a bad suggestion. It will give equal priority to the very things that are probably causing CPU-related choppiness. All it does is slow down your foreground activities (interactive, screens). Giving priority explicitly to magicjack.exe is a much better solution.

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