The following four lessons are meant for people who want to learn a few things about how people in four major cities of Macedonia speak, and be able to understand a few slang words used around the country. The cities visited include Ohrid, Bitola, Prilep and Skopje.

Lesson 1


John visits the Ohrid Lake and is surprised by the locals, including Klime. (click for lesson 1)

Lesson 2


John continues his trip to Bitola where he meets Sarah and Pece, and after being surprised again, they head off to Prilep. (click for lesson 2)

Lesson 3


John and Sarah visit Prilep, and are relieved when they find out that things aren't so different from Bitola, and that they didn't go through all those lessons in standard Macedonian for nothing. (click for lesson 3)

Lesson 4


After an emergency back home, John needs to go back home, and even though there was an airport in Ohrid, not knowing that, they went all the way back to Skopje where the country's largest airport is situated, and John flew back to New York, via Vienna. (click for lesson 4)

Learning Macedonian
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