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These six beginner lessons are meant for people who have had limited or no contact with the Macedonian language, and have almost or absolutely no knowledge of the language whatsoever.


Lesson 1Edit

John starts learning Macedonian online after finding that he might be stationed there. (click for lesson 1)

Lesson 2Edit

John goes to his first class in New Jersey, where he is taught by his new teacher Slavica. (click for lesson 2)

Lesson 3Edit

John goes over some basic phrases in Macedonian with his fellow co-students. (click for lesson 3)

Lesson 4Edit

John learns about the grammar features in Macedonians, more specifically noun gender, and adjectives. (click for lesson 4)

Lesson 5Edit

John and the group encounter Macedonian verbs. (click for lesson 5)

Lesson 6Edit