Linux Basics/If you want to deal more with Linux

If you would like to to watch some Linux content on YouTube, I'd recommend DistroTube,Switched to Linux and ExplainingComputers. The last one it's not Linux oriented, but has some Linux content, I prefer Chris' channel.

It is also recommended to join some Telegram groups to get some help if you're stuck (most Linux distros have at least a few English language groups. Some local ones like there is an Ubuntu Hour community in Hungary which has its Telegram group), many Linuxers use this platform, although some like ArcoLinux's developer(Erik Dubois) use Discord as well.[1]

In Hungary, members from FSF use a matrix server (, to communicate with each other, and there is the PenguinPit Discord server for those who use Discord a lot.

This article from contains 25 free Linux books to learn more. I also prefer The Linux Command Line which contains lots of knowledge in 555 pages. However, on Wikibooks, there are some Linux books here too. Check them out, maybe those get your attention.

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