Tux the penguin.
Tux the penguin.
Linux Basics
Getting started with Linux.

Chapters edit

  1. Introduction
  2. Types of Operating Systems (UNIX, Windows, Mac, Linux) [Stub]
  3. Fundamental conceptions in Linux (more important distributions)
  4. Distributions for beginners
  5. Installation, bootloader [Stub]
  6. Package management [Stub]
  7. The structure of Linux
  8. Basic commands
  9. Graphical interfaces
  10. Terminals, command prompt, alias, history
  11. Archiving, mounting in depth
  12. User management
  13. User management (System administrator)
  14. Package management, process management
  15. Filesystem, permissions
  16. If you want to deal more with Linux
  17. Interesting stuff
  18. Sources

License edit

CC-BY-SA 3.0 and GNU FDL 1.3 (the latter one because of the content of szit.hu and tldp.org), GNU GPL for the 2nd chapter's distribution descriptions.