LibreOffice User's Manual:
LibreOffice Writer

LibreOffice Writer is a free and open source word processor. Writer's native file format is .odt, the OpenDocument Text format. Saving in native format is always recommended even if you're planning to save it to another Office format like Microsoft Word's .doc format, because this ensures that no formatting would be lost because of .doc's inability to save certain formatting elements.

LO Writer

Contents edit

  1. Introduction, installation and familiarization with LibreOffice Writer
  2. Configuring the editor
  3. The user interface
  4. Working with text
  5. Configuring pages
  6. Print, Send Fax, and E-mail
  7. Introduction to Styles
  8. Working with Styles
  9. Working with Graphics
  10. Working with Tables
  11. Working with Templates
  12. Mail Merge
  13. Creating Tables of Contents, Index and Bibliography
  14. Working with Fields
  15. Using Forms
  16. Mathematical Objects
  17. Keyboard Shortcuts
  18. Problems
  19. Links-Resources