Welcome to the Learning Talmud Wikibook.

Aim of the Book


The Learning Talmud Wikibook is a heavily annotated version of the Babylonian Talmud, aimed at increasing readers' ability to read the text itself. Rather than presenting a direct or transcluded translation of the text (ala Wikisource's Mishnah Tractate Berakhot), the Learning Talmud Wikibook will present the Talmud text as a series of hyper-linked terms, using footnotes to translate entire sentences. This will allow students to build their Aramaic reading skills as well as their ability to interpret the text.

A Demonstration of the Learning Talmud Wikibook Methodology


Here is a sentence from Bava Batra 58a, presented in the textbook's schema. Some readers may find this example familiar, as it is used in the first lesson of David Marcus' A Manual of Babylonian Jewish Aramaic.