Learn to Play Drums

This is, essentially, not only a guide just to playing a drum kit, but a guide also to buying and looking after your drum kit, and playing with other people. That might not sound like a lot, but there will be a lot of material to cover. It will be assumed that you, the reader, have no musical knowledge, to make this book as easy to understand as possible to total beginners.


  1.   Buying a Drum Kit
    1.   Cymbals
    2.   Hardware
    3.   Accessories
  2.   Drum Tabs
  3.   Starting Out
  4.   Lessons
    1.   A 4/4 beat
    2.   Fills
    3.   Exploring the Hi-Hats
    4.   Lots of 8/8 Beats
    5.   Single Strokes and Double Strokes
    6.   More advanced beats
    7.   Lessons/Beats
  5.   Other topics
    1.   Tuning Drums
    2.   Reading Sheet Music
    3.   Playing with Other Musicians

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Learn to Play Drums
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