Kirby franchise strategy guide/Items/Warpstar

The Warpstar (ワープスター, Waapusutaa) is the primary mode of transport for Nintendo's video game character Kirby in many of the titles he has starred in. It is usually depicted as being a simple yellow star that immediately takes Kirby to another part of a level. Sometimes a Warpstar is the only way to reach the end of the level; sometimes they allow Kirby to reach secret areas; and sometimes they just provide a shortcut.

Whenever Kirby touches a Warpstar, he will board it and ride it to another area of the level he is in. The sprite used for this is Kirby precariously hanging off one side as it sends him to his destination. When it gets there, it lands (the animations in many of the games suggest a crash landing) and Kirby continues on.



Kirby's Adventure/Nightmare in Dreamland


In Kirby's Adventure and it's enhanced remake, Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land, Warpstars are used by Kirby to travel between worlds. In Nightmare in Dreamland, Warpstars are also used in the "Kirby's Air Grind" minigame, where four Kirbies use them to grind on rails.

Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards


In Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards, the Warpstar appears only in the cutscenes before the final boss, being called upon by Kirby (with a cellphone) to transport his team to Dark Star. This Warpstar was actually several times larger than the normal Warpstar, in order to be large enough to carry more people.

Kirby Air Ride


In Kirby Air Ride, released for the Nintendo GameCube, the Warpstar was depicted in its traditional star shape, except it lay flat and had a definite front end and a back end with visible exhausts meant to act like jet thrusters. Kirby rode this version of the Warp Star by sitting on it rather like a go-kart or a motorcycle. Also, this Warpstar did not fly itself: it was manually piloted like any other vehicle in the game. Its attributes were well-rounded, and it was the first vehicle available to you in the game.

There was also a red-colored version of Warpstar in the City Trial mode of play called the Flight Warpstar. It was described as a prototype and boasted additional exhausts, a slightly different shape, and the ability to fly for extended periods.

Kirby & the Amazing Mirror


In Kirby & the Amazing Mirror, the Warpstar was used in special stages. In the final boss, Kirby rode a Warpstar to fight Dark Mind.

The Warpstar is also Kirby's mode of transport in the Kirby: Right Back at Ya! animeseries. Its appearance is akin to the Air Ride Warpstar, sans exhaust pipes. Kirby rode this version by standing on it like a surfboard. In the final episode (released in America as part of a direct-to-video film), when Cloaked Nightmare (aka eNeMeE in the dub) was in his realm, Kirby sucked up the Warpstar; it became the Star Rod and he defeated Nightmare. It was his only weakness.

Super Smash Bros.


The Warpstar is used as a weapon in the GameCube game Super Smash Bros. Melee, usable by any character. The character that grabs the Warpstar hovers over the battlefield for approximately two seconds, then crashes down, causing an explosion that damages and can KO any opponents caught in it. New images and videos have shown the Warpstar will reappear in the Wii game Super Smash Bros. Brawl. The Warpstar also acts as Kirby's symbol in all three games as well as Meta Knight's and King Dedede's in Brawl.

Spelling Ambiguity


Since its creation, the correct spelling for 'Warpstar' has been somewhat ambiguous. It is typically referred to as the "Warpstar", such as in Super Smash Bros. Melee and Kirby Air Ride, but then is also sometimes spelled as "Warp Star" in other games. The Kirby: Squeak Squad manual describes it using both forms of spelling, further clouding which spelling is the correct spelling. It is possible that both are correct ways of spelling the word.