Clipart of modes of transportation.
Historic art of Transportation.

This book is a non-technical non-academic broad look at many forms of transport across many different modes for many purposes, especially passenger travel. The histories of all transport modes are discussed comparatively including in relation to transport today. It also looks at wider issues for society in relation to transport including sustainability. It also acts as a guide to transport infrastructure and vehicles.

Table of ContentsEdit

  1. History - The evolution of walking. The invention of the wheel and axle. Transport before mechanized transport.
  2. Outline - Terminology and driving, shipping, piloting and traveling purposes of transport.
  3. Modes of transport - Air (aviation), water and land transport (road, rail etc.).
  4. Vehicles - A comprehensive and comparative look at all vehicles, including mechanised and motorised vehicles.
  5. Infrastructure - Bridges, viaducts, tunnels, parking lots, termini for buses and trains.
  6. Society - Other issues including capacity, safety and sustainability.