Kirby franchise strategy guide/Enemies/Sir Kibble

Sir Kibble is a recurring enemy in the Kirby games. It looks like a helmet with hands, feet, and a cutter boomerang, and attacks by throwing the boomerang at Kirby. If swallowed, it grants Kirby the Cutter power. With the cutter power Kirby can throw the boomerang at differing distances. He can also aim it up or down to reach enemies above or below. Another popular way to use the cutter ability is to throw it forward, wait for it to come back, then jump over it so that it hits an enemy behind Kirby. Kirby can also perform a melee combo, ending with his Final Cutter move, which later appeared as his up special in Super Smash Bros. Sir Kibble appeared on most episodes of Kirby: Right Back at Ya! where he was voiced by Scott McNeil.