Khepera III Toolbox/The Toolbox

The Khepera III Toolbox offers mainly three types of tools:

  • Scripts: Scripts make your daily work with the robot(s) more efficient by offering easy ways to copy files (e.g. programs) onto multiple robots, logging in to robots, and so on.
  • Programs: The Programs folder contains a series of useful standard programs for the Khepera III robot. Among them are programs to sample the sensors, set the motor speed, and track the robot's position with odometry measurements. In addition, these programs may serve as starting points for your own programs.
  • Modules: This folder contains modules to conveniently access the sensors and actuators on the robots (Modules/khepera3) and a series of other functions. These modules are used by the available programs and can be used in your own programs as well.

In addition, there is a fourth folder which is less frequently used:

  • Install Scripts: This folder contains a few scripts to set up WLAN and a few other things on the robot.