Issues in Interdisciplinarity 2018-19/Truth, History and Society: Twitter as an illustration for the current vehicle of truth

Introduction edit

Social media forms such as Twitter are used for information circulation, but history shows that vehicles of information are limited by leading to disinformation.Truth is understood as an issue in this chapter because the institution or person in power to influence the public can easily deform the truth and create disinformation. Disinformation is all the communication techniques used to deliberately to mislead the public eye, usually to serve personal interest. The UNESCO refers to it as ‘deliberately created to harm’.

History has shown that, in certain circumstances, historical vehicles of truth we will focus on such as the Christian Church and national governments are guilty of disinformation when it serves their interest or principles. This historical issue of disinformation is even more relevant today with social media. We will use history to address the issue of disinformation and focus on the social media Twitter to prove it relevance in the 21st century.