Invertebrate Zoology/Authors

This study guide to invertebrate zoology is a textbook at Wikibooks filed under Zoology and intended to establish a course of study in the subject of Invertebrate Zoology, mostly utilizing articles found in Wikipedia, with links to other relevant web sites as appropriate. Contributors are encouraged to spend time developing the relevant articles at Wikipedia, maintaining this textbook as a guide to those articles. At some future time, it may be desirable to simply import whole articles over to build a Zoology textbook rather than a "guide book", however the present approach seems to be a good one for getting a useful text at Wikibooks based upon the initial author's experience with Botany. Another Wikibook, Ecology, follows a similar approach, but requires more text per page, because of less congruence between chapter material and articles at Wikipedia.

The contributors to this book included:

  • Eric Guinther, biologist and environmental consultant living in Kaneohe, Hawaii envisioned this "project" and developed the approach.
  • AFriedman (talk), a User who also performs research in this field on Wikiversity