Introduction to Library and Information Science/Local Style Guide


Names of chapters should be in title caps. Names of sections (and smaller divisions) should be in sentence caps.


This book intends to serve not only as an introduction to LIS, but also to LIS literature (sort of a book-length bibliographic essay). Therefore, citing classic and important works is strongly encouraged. The APA citation style is relatively standard within LIS literature, so its use is recommended.

Pictures and diagramsEdit

LIS can be a dry topic, and there's nothing worse than reading a huge wall of text about a dry topic. Therefore, relevant pictures and diagrams are more than welcome throughout this book. However, please always fully describe the picture using an "alt" tag so that people unable to see the picture itself can still benefit from its inclusion in the book.


Use the {{cquote}} template for quotations.

Reading levelEdit

This book is at an advanced reading level. According to the category's description...

Books at the advanced skills level depend on more background knowledge and understanding of more specialized vocabulary than is common for intermediate readers. Some subject-specific jargon is likely to be used without explanation, but a heavy reliance on subject-specific jargon should be avoided to increase readability and comprehension.