The Insubric language is the language spoken about in former Duchy of Milan, so the Western Lombardy, at the western side of Adda river; for this causes, it's also called Milanese language, w:Western Lombard language or Cisabduano language. It's considered as a Romance Gallo-Italian language. The Insubric literature was born in XIII century with Bonvesin de la Riva but it reach the age of major development between XVIII and XIX centuries with, for example, Carlo Maria Maggi (theatre) and Carlo Porta (poetry) and in the first XX century; the Insubric literature continues till now with great authors. The knowledge of Insubric language have decreased during the XX century because of wider development of Italian language as everyday tongue, for public education in Italian and for massive immigration from other regions; although, the Insubric continues being understood by about a third of the people of the region, in particular in small communes. This Course of Insubric could be entitled Course of Milanese dialects: in fact, we will refer to Milanese dialect written in classic orthography, which is the standard literary variant of Insubric language.

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