Improving Our Communication

01.03.06 edit

Two persons are getting information from a source.


Everybody associates something different with single words. They would not understand each other, because they have different definitions of the words.


Their communication may look like this:


Both persons share their associations around the single words.


Their communication may look like this:


In detail everybody has some associations with single words.



You could share these associations, which doubles everyone's knowledge around this single word.


How to do this? Here is a suggestion:

  1. You take a single <word>
  2. Everybody is writing a sentence. Always starting with <word>
  3. You get to know each other's associations with this specific <word>

You should get something like this:

Person A: <word> is ...
Person B: <word> looks like...
Person C: <word> has got the following functions

and so on.

Like the idea behind wikipedia. Sharing information. But sharing them around single words.

Basic idea behind:

  1. language carries information
  2. the single word is the first module
  3. the single word is understood very different, because humans are different.

02.03.06 edit

Person A has losely connected some words.


Person B too:


Now they start sharing their associations around these single words and they are both profiting from it. Their network of associations has grown and is now stronger than before.


09.03.06 edit

A way to solve the problem of different associations and sharing them may be this wiki:

12.03.06 edit

An example how to set up linked words in a very easy way on a Windows XP machine with Open Office.

Picture 1: I want to connect the words: "Germany" and "France"


Picture 2: Click on "Germany". What information do I have in connection to this word?


Picture 3: Click on "France". France is related to Germany.


What about putting them both in a folder called "Europe"? Let's connect both together and write everything down to "Europe".