How to use a Motorola DVR/Firmware and Software

How to use a Motorola DVR
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Firmware and SoftwareEdit

The firmware is the operating system of the DVR, and is produced by Anand Enterprises with options that can be enabled / disabled by your local cable provider / MSO. The firmware is roughly like the BIOS and core code of your computer's operating system. It has the programming to access the hardware, read and write files and video streams to/from the hard drive, and other basic functions.

The software is the user interface that you see, and typically handles the scheduling, program guide, PPV/VOD and many other complicated features. The software used depends on your cable system. There are several current suppliers. i-Guide is currently the most common.

The Interactive Programming Guide (IPG) software can be provided by i-Guide (Comcast, Time Warner, Adelphia, Mediacom, Brighthouse Communications, Passport Echo] (Cox, RCN, Service Electric Wilkes-Barre), or Microsoft TV Foundation Edition] ("MSTV Foundation Edition" or MSFE) (Verizon, Comcast in WA state).

i-Guide is a product of GuideWorks, LLC], an IPG development group formed in August 2011 by Comcast Corporation and Gemstar-TV Guide International]. The programming information is provided by the television network to GuideWorks, which supplies the data to cable providers for use with the i-Guide.

Note: You cannot update/change the firmware, software, or IPG versions on your particular box. Updates are pushed out by your local cable provider/MSO based on a variety of considerations, including maintenance windows, update schedules, and the software available on their own equipment.

How To Check Your Firmware and Software Versions - Main MenuEdit

Press the "Menu" button TWICE on the remote to get to the "Main Menu". Arrow down if necessary and select the "Setup" menu on the bottom left. Arrow down once and select the second option, "Cable Box Setup". Arrow down to the bottom and select the "Select to display" button. The text second down on the left is "S/W Ver". This is your software version. The text sixth down on the right is "Firmware". This is your firmware version.

How To Check Your Firmware and Software Versions - Diagnostic MenuEdit

Turn off the box (press POWER on the remote). Immediately press OK/SELECT. Press it again if the display (black text on white background) does not come up within a second. DOWN ARROW to "d08 CODE MODULES" and press OK/SELECT. The firmware version and build date are listed at the top, e.g., "Platform Built: Version: 16.20 Sep 1 2011 15:06:09". In the middle of the page, there is an "Object" column and a "Ver" column that lists your firmware and software versions, e.g., Firmware: TC_OS_ED 16.20 IPG Software: TV_Guide 74.53 VOD Software: A231_VOD 23.45 To exit the menu press POWER twice. The unit will exit the menu and turn back on.


The latest firmware and software, and their respective versions, will vary by cable company and your local area (pushing out firmware and software versions is controlled by your local cable provider). The "available" date only represents a point in time when it was known to be available as the latest version in any given cable market. The date is in ISO Year-Month-Day format.

Some features, such as the 30-second skip, are options that can be enabled or disabled by the cable provider. Sometimes, they may accidentally disable the 30-second skip by mistake. Some cable providers replace the 30-second skip with a 3 minute skip, designed for quickly skipping commercials.

Latest known versions by the model numberEdit


  • Firmware version: 32.64
  • Software version: 78.55 - a28p0-5.1008.r-2




DCT-64xx Phase IIIEdit

DCT-64xx Phase IIEdit

DCT-64xx Phase IEdit

Firmware Version DetailsEdit

Version 86.72Edit

  • Available for Models: DCT HD series
  • Available Date: Sep 2011
  • Build Date: AUG 2011
  • Bugfixes: Unknown

Version 82.91Edit

  • Available for Models: DCX HD series
  • Available Date: May 2015
  • Build Date: NOV 2014 15:57:54
  • Bugfixes: Unknown

Version 22.65Edit

  • Available for Models: DCX HD series
  • Available Date: July 30 2010
  • Build Date: Mar 26 2010 16:44:33
  • Bugfixes:
    • HDMI Handshake improvements
  • New Features:
    • SD up-conversion engine tweaked for better video quality

Version 22.37Edit

  • Available for Models: DCX HD series
  • Build Date: Aug 12 2009
  • Bugfixes:
    • Improved HDMI compatibility
    • Fixes native pass through issues found in 22.35

Version 22.35Edit

  • Available for Models: DCX HD series
  • Available Date: ?
  • Bugfixes:
    • Improved HDMI compatibility

Version 22.31Edit

  • Available for Models: DCX HD series
  • Build Date: Mar 6 2009 10:36:40
  • Bugfixes: Unknown
  • New Features:
    • Native pass through
  • Known issues:
    • Intermittent HDMI compatibility. Including green screens and distortions. Worse on SONY TV's. Many users must resort to Component cables.
    • Some users report audio delay from 10 to 60 seconds when changing to certain HD channels.

Version 18.77Edit

  • Available for Models: DCH HD series
  • Build Date: Jun 10 2010 11:35:02
  • New Features:
    • SDV diagnostics menu

Version 18.43Edit

  • Available for Models: DCH HD series
  • Build Date: Jan 18 2008 11:16:00
  • Bugfixes:
    • The front DVR Record lights are reportedly fixed.

Version 18.34Edit

  • Available for Models: DCH HD series
  • Known Issues:
    • The front DVR Record lights no longer function, although the LED will still show REC when a recording tuner is selected.
    • Requires M-Card version 2.65.

Version 18.24Edit

  • Available for Models: DCH HD series
  • Build Date: 2007-06-04
  • New Features:
    • Provides support for VOD encryption with specific VOD providers.

Version 18.21Edit

  • Available for Models: DCH HD series
  • Available Date: 2007-07-31?
  • Build Date: 2007-04-27
  • New Features:
    • Introduced CableCard support for single stream and multi-stream cards
  • Known Issues:
    • Some systems have reported cable card pairing errors when attempting to play video on demand.

Version 18.18Edit

  • Available for Models: DCH HD series
  • Bugs:
    • Guide Crashes every time it loads

Version 16.90Edit

  • Available for Models: DCT HD series
  • Available Date: May 7, 2012 (for Time Warner Cable in Los Angeles)
  • Build Date: May 7, 2012

Version 16.77Edit

  • Available for Models: DCT HD series
  • Available Date: July 2010 (rolled out with software version 78.53)
  • Build Date: June 10, 2010

Version 16.76Edit

  • Available for Models: DCT HD series
  • Available Date: November 2010 Cable One
  • Build Date: March 26 2010 16:14:56
  • Bugfixes:
    • M-Card Download Segment count on OSD Diagnostics: Corrects HDMI communications with new Motorola advanced set tops (DVR & DCH) and new models from TV from manufacturers (Vizio) : Corrects the FF/REW issues jumping to the beginning or end of recorded programs
  • New Features:
    • Support for graphics up to 960 x 540 x 32 resolution: Capability to support external DVR hard-dive via the external eSata interface port

Version 16.74Edit

  • Available for Models: DCT HD series
  • Bugfixes: Firewire disabled/encrypted for Shaw Cable customers.

Version 16.57Edit

  • Available for Models: DCT HD series
  • Build Date: 2008-09-04
  • Bugfixes: Firewire Output supposedly fixed from 16.53's corruption issues.

Version 16.53Edit

  • Available for Models: DCT64xx series, DCT HD series
  • Available Date: 2008-07-09
  • Build Date: 2008-01-18
  • Known Issues:
    • Many users are no longer able to use Firewire to transfer live content to a PC.

Version 16.43Edit

  • Available for Models: DCT HD series
  • Available Date: 2007-11-23?
  • Build Date: 2007-09-25
  • New Features:
    • Support for Motorola/Tivo software on DCT series set tops.

Version 16.42Edit

  • Available for Models: DCT 5100 - DCT64xx series, DCT 34xx series
  • Available Date: 2007-11-06
  • Build Date: 2007-07-16
  • Bugfixes:
    • Macro blocking after upgrade fixed for DCT5100/DCT6200

Version 16.41Edit

  • Available for Models: DCT series
  • Available Date: 2007-07-04
  • Build Date: Unknown
  • Bugfixes:
    • Can launch VOD from either tuner (on dual tuner PVRs)
    • frozen frame on going to digital music channels has been fixed
    • 100% full PVR bug has been fixed [Note: This bug still appears to persist.]
    • bug giving ability to PVR a VOD stream has been fixed
    • series recordings no longer limited to 8 episodes
    • some models were not displaying title/artist on digital music channels - fixed

Version 16.38Edit

  • Available for Models: DCT-64xx
  • Available Date: 2007-06-27
  • Build Date: Unknown
  • Bugfixes:
    • Slightly changes the appearance of the timebar and arrows when using the DVR.
    • Changes the use of the "Favorites" button. Pressing this button now scrolls through the favorite channels list. If "Favorites" is pressed when using the viewing guide, the guide is limited to the channels contained within the list of favorites.

Version 16.36Edit

  • Available for Models: DCT-34xx, DCT-64xx, DCT62xx
  • Available Date: 2007-03-28?
  • Build Date: 2007-02-20 17:11:11

Version 16.35Edit

  • Available for Models: DCT-64xx PI, PII & PIII, DCT-34xx, DCT-6208
  • Available Date: 2007-02-24
  • Build Date: 2007-02-02 19:54:18
  • Bugfixes:
    • Updated driver compatibility for HDCP handshake over HDMI connections.
    • Fixed an issue where the DVR erroneously displays 100% full. [Note: This bug appears to persist, but the warning message has changed.]
    • Further optimized code for addressing audio/video stuttering on DVR playback.
    • Addressed a compatibility problem with Passport Echo and Seachange VOD code modules. (RCN)
    • Changed the hardware interface IDs over the Firewire output (The Hardware ID changed from "DCT-3412" to "DCT-3416").
    • Turned off the optical digital audio bitstream on MUTE, instead of sending stray PCM packets.
    • Insight Communication's Head-end office refuses to upgrade their boxes firmware past this version until Comcast's partial take-over in 2008. UPDATE: Insight areas now Comcast: This version has been pushed out to all boxes with comcast branding and main menu and quick menu buttons and options reorganized to correspond with comcast standards. Updates to newer versions are likely to be delayed...

Version 16.34Edit

  • Available for Models: DCT-64xx PI, PII & PIII, DCT-34xx, DCT-6208
  • Available Date: Unknown
  • Build Date: Unknown
  • New Features:
    • Enabled VOD edge encryption option for DCT series STB's.

Version 16.20Edit

Version 12.35Edit

  • Available for Models: DCT-64xx PIII, DCT-34xx
  • Available Date: 2006-06-13
  • Bugfixes:
  • New Bugs:
    • Seems to cause random reboots when used with Microsoft software.

Version 12.31Edit

  • Available for Models: DCT-64xx PIII, DCT-34xx
  • Available Date: 2006-02-23
  • Bugfixes:
    • CONFIRMED: Insight Communications and Norwood Broadband Motorola DVR DCT-6412 as of firmware load 12.31 30-second skip feature is disabled.
    • CONFIRMED: Comcast System Motorola DCT-3416 30 second skip IS still functional with firmware 12.31.

Version 12.27Edit

  • Available for Models: DCT-64xx PIII, DCT-34xx
  • Available Date: 2006-03-15
  • Bugfixes: Unknown

Version 12.26Edit

  • Available for Models: DCT-64xx PIII, DCT-34xx
  • Available Date: 2006-02-08
  • Bugfixes: Unknown

Version 12.22Edit

  • Available for Models: DCT-64xx PIII, DCT-34xx
  • Available Date: 2005-11-02
  • Bugfixes:

Version 12.18Edit

  • Available for Models: DCT-64xx PIII, DCT-34xx
  • Available Date: 2005-08-30
  • Bugfixes: Unknown

Version 9.19Edit

  • Available for Models: DCT-64xx PI & PII
  • Available Date: 2005-06-23
  • Bugfixes:
    • Repairs an audio dropout issue reported in the field on DCT6412 PII & III units

Version 9.18Edit

  • Available for Models: DCT-64xx PI & PII
  • Available Date: Unknown
  • Bugfixes:
    • Repaired field issues related to VOD and trick play functionality

Version 9.17Edit

  • Available for Models: DCT-64xx PI & PII
  • Available Date: 2005-05-10
  • Bugfixes:
    • Repaired an audio loss related to an epoch value of zero, and other field issues

Version 9.15Edit

  • Available for Models: DCT-64xx PI & PII
  • Available Date: 2005-02-08
  • Bugfixes:

Version 9.12Edit

  • Available for Models: DCT-64xx PI & PII
  • Available Date: 2004-11-16
  • Bugfixes:
    • Introduced internal hard drive over-temperature handling

Version 9.06Edit

  • Available for Models: DCT-64xx PI & PII
  • Available Date: Unknown
  • Bugfixes:
    • Introduced support for Phase II hardware

Version 7.96Edit

  • Available for Models: DCT-700, DCT-2500
  • Available Date: Unknown
  • Bugfixes: Unknown

Version 7.15Edit

  • Available for Models: DCT-6208
  • Available Date: Unknown
  • Bugfixes: Unknown

Software DetailsEdit

Version 82.42-a31.1412.r-3Edit

  • Available for Models: DCT/DCH/DCX and Pace Boxes
  • Available Date: 2015
  • Bugfixes:
    • ?
  • New or updated features:
    • Now Supports eSATA connected drives up to 2TB for DVR storage
    • Letter keys on remote can be assigned for various functions
    • Can directly switch Closed Captioning on/off and alternate language channel with assigned remote letter key.
    • DCX series can enable a power save mode.

Version 80.48-a30.1210.r-27Edit

  • Available for Models: DCT/DCH/DCX and Pace Boxes
  • Available Date: 2013-01-23
  • As Of: 6-3-2013 in Pompano/Deerfield Beach, FL.
  • As of: 6-1-2009 in New Britain/Hartford Area, CT.
  • Bugfixes:
    • ?
  • New or updated features:
    • ?

Version 80.47-a30.1205.r-25Edit

  • Available for Models: DCT/DCH/DCX and Pace Boxes (only available on Comcast unless otherwise other providers release it)
  • Available Date: 2012-08-28

As of:

    • November 13th, Indiana corps 9514 and 9551 (Fort Wayne DAC)
    • August 28, 2012, Springfield, MA (Western New England Region)
    • September 18, 2012 Flint, MI corps 9501 and 9506
    • September 26, 2012 Westland, MI corps 9589, 9588, and 9520
    • October 10-11, 2012 Sterling Heights corps 9507, 9558, 9564, 9591
    • October 16-18, 2012 Taylor (Heartland Region-Corps 6102, 6105)
    • October 29-30, 2012 and November 1, 2012 Carmel/Bristol (WNE)
    • November 12, 2012 Derry (GBR), Peabody (MA)
    • November 12, 2012 have A30
  • Bugfixes:
    • Includes all iGuide bugfixes included in 78.54 and 78.55 for Comcast Cable Boxes
    • Updated "Saved Programs" delete message for Video On Demand.
  • New or updated features:
    • Support for Xfinity TV app on DCT2000 family of set-tops
    • Ability to toggle graphic display of the on-screen program guide while watching TV in 3D mode. There are a limited number of set top boxes that support graphic display of the on screen program guide. If you return the TV to 2D mode, the guide will display as expected. Supported set top boxes include: Motorola DCX Series Boxes and DVRs
    • HD Zoom Feature on Motorola DCX Set-Top Boxes.
    • Virtual Remote Control (feature) Ability to replicate these remote control commands: Pause Play FF Skip back 15 seconds Stop Ability to play a "FREE" VOD title. This will enable remote VOD tunes to behave just as if user made selection from a VOD info screen on the Set-Top Box. Previously customers needed to confirm the order with their remote.
    • Help remote key enabled.
    • Enable complete remote control & tuning of Set Top Box and DVR from Mobile/Web app, focused primarily on eliminating the need for users to ever pick up their “traditional” remote. Enable remote tune attempts to be successful regardless of the state of the set-top box. Enable remote VOD tunes to behave just as if user made selection from a VOD info screen on the STB Extend remote tuning to include completed local DVR assets “Virtual Remote” capability to replicate remote control commands on Xfinity TV app.
    • Closed Captioning now in the iGuide setup menu instead of having to power down the box.
    • Ability to directly play a completed recording from the customers DVR through your XFINITY TV online account.
    • Channel Display - Channel and Network now displayed on TV
    • Virtual Remote Control - Ability to replicate these remote control commands: Pause Play FF Skip back 15 seconds Stop
    • On select Comcast systems, A30 also offers the ability to use an external eSATA hard drive, up to 1 TB in size. Recommended unit is Western Digital My DVR Expander, to be purchased and 'plug & play' installed by customer
    • Due to bug issues, not all Motorola DVR's are compatible with A30 at this time.

Version 79.41 - R29.0.r-4Edit

  • Available for Models: DCT/DCH/DCX except for DCT2000, DCT2500, DCX3200M, DCX3400M, DCX3510 (only available on Time Warner Cable unless otherwise other providers release it)
  • Available Date: 2012-05-07
  • Bugfixes:
    • Includes all iGuide bugfixes included in 78.53 and 78.55 for Time Warner Cable Boxes
    • Improved Start Over/Look Back support for Time Warner Cable's version of these services
  • New or updated features:
    • StartOver/Lookback officially supported on Time Warner Cable
    • Time Warner Cable exclusive Enhanced menu for Startover/Lookback
    • Might be a special release for Time Warner Cable only as it is designated as R29 instead of A28.
    • Closed Captioning now in the iGuide setup menu instead of having to power down the box.
    • EBIF Applications appear on TWC systems (caller id on tv, startover, lookback)

Version 78.55 – A28p0-5.1008.r-2Edit

  • Available for Models: All
  • Available Date: Unknown
  • Bugfixes:
    • Flip bar with “Watch in HD” will no longer pop up during live TV transition or when watching PVR content.
    • Position in Favorites is now retained when existing back from program synopsis.
    • Set top boxes will now correctly display the OMP “One Moment Please” message in QAM failure scenarios.
    • Set top boxes should no longer display a Black Screen when powering back on the TV if left on.
    • Future series episodes are no longer set to “user cancelled” when the user cancels a single episode recording in the series (this was very frustrating).
    • 3D icon to denote 3D content.

Version 78.53 - A28p0-4.1005.r-8Edit

  • Available for Models: All
  • Available Date: 2010-07-01
  • VOD Version: 06.21
  • MACGclnt (ITV Engine) Version: 34.45
  • Bugfixes:
    • Guide data now goes to 15 days
    • Navigation speed improvements
    • Favorites list view no longer resets after exiting info screens
    • Memory addressing improved for astb's containing greater than 128MB of RAM

Version 78.44 - A28p0-2.0908.r4Edit

  • Available for Models: All
  • Available Date: 2009-06-16
  • VOD Version: 6.18
  • Bugfixes:
    • VOD Graphics no longer invert upon selection of asset.
    • VOD Graphics do not distort upon returning from free preview.
    • Whack-a-Mole recording issue apparently fixed.
    • "To Be Announced" in the time bar fixed.
    • Screen saver fixed (now fills the whole 16:9 screen on HD channels).
    • Returning from DVR recordings or "Listings by Channel" using the last button no longer distorts last row / guide ad.
    • Numerous performance enhancements
  • New or updated features:
    • Official Comcast page: [1] New Guide Features
    • Flip bar redesigned. On Demand links now embedded in bar. New "Watch in HD" shortcut to HD channel button. More lines of text available.
    • Enhanced VOD performance. 5 Minute Skip Forward and Back with Page Up/Dn keys. Improved response on trick play controls.
    • DVR menu reworked to include Manage My DVR, and Search and Record features.
    • Manage My DVR - Allows to adjust series priorities, DVR Setup to turn on/off DVR Folders, Live Program Notice and DVR Clipping. DVR Cleanup and DVR History.
    • DVR Cleanup allows for bulk DVR program deletion by checking off multiple items.
    • DVR History keeps a record of the previous 28 days recordings to help avoid duplicates.
    • Search & Record allows you to set low priority recordings based on Title Search, Actor/Director, or by keyword.
    • Search allows for input up to 25 characters (up from the previous 5).
    • Web based DVR support. New Web Access Status diagnostic and Remote Access Setup menu item.
    • SDV "Switched Digital Video" support.
    • Start Over service supported.
    • DVR Auto correction (Automatically adjust for that split-second delay between hand-eye coordination and the stopping point upon returning from FF/REW.)
    • DVR Folders group similar recordings under a common folder heading.
    • Improved libraries for wider Interactive TV applications. MAC-G Client updated to 3.4.x (from 3.1.x). Applications dependent on service provider and third party application developer.
    • Added key sequence for MAC-G Client diagnostics (ITV Provider). Stop, Help, Stop on remote within 2 seconds.
    • New "One Moment Please" message within a small box is displayed in the top center of the screen when deleting DVR recordings or loading On Demand content.
    • The "Finished Recording" banner now displays for less time.
    • SD Set tops no longer can tune into HD Channels and listen to audio. A new banner message will explain you need an HDTV and HD Set top box.
    • Channel label text in guide (full screen or mini-guide) are now centered in it's column.
    • 4 digit channel number support 1 through 4096.
  • New Bugs:
    • Intermittent blank-screen dropouts when using HDMI
    • Longer HDMI handshake on TV power-up
    • Occasional blank channel after HDMI handshake (guide works, but no channel audio/video until channel changed, then changed back). Mainly occurs when cable box is recording on that channel during HDMI handshake.
    • Occasional channel info pops up on the hour, sometimes not even for the current channel (possibly info from other tuner?)
    • Favorites list resets at the top of the channel list when exiting info screens.
    • If you are tuned to an SD channel that has an HD version available, a popup will appear for several seconds when a new HD program starts, even if you are actually watching an unrelated recording.
    • When starting to play a recording, or after stopping playback, the audio may be muted. (Pause, then Play, will usually restore audio.)
    • Sometimes after a tuner swap, or stopping a recording playback, the audio and video will continuously cycle on and off.
    • VCR-style manual recordings (channel, start-time, end-time) that are set to repeat weekly will not record past midnight.
    • Guide only holds 9-10 days of data, versus 14-15 with previous versions.

Version 75.43 a25p2-3.S2.r-3Edit

  • Available for Models: All
  • Available Date: 2009-03-17
  • VOD Version: 5.72
  • Bugfixes:
    • Unknown

Version 75.59 a25p2-2.S1.r-8Edit

  • Available for Models: All
  • Available Date: 2008-04-07
  • VOD Version: 5.32
  • Bugfixes:
    • SDV Module bugfixes and official support
    • DVR time bar CPU usage reworked (Better performance)
  • New or updated features:
    • Official Comcast page: New Guide Features
    • Page Up key can be used as 30-second skip on DVR's. The PageUp/PageDn skip times are set independently of the Review and 30-sec skip codes. Both are a system configuration setting, not a firmware setting.
    • When reaching the end of a recording during playback, the recording pauses rather than immediately launching the "Delete Recording, Do Not Delete Recording" selection box.
  • New Bugs:
    • Issues with SeaChange VOD systems (Hence no widescale rollout until Seachange updates their code module)
    • When loading VOD content, color pallet of graphical overlay is distorted between clicking to order and playback of VOD content.
    • Upon returning from a Video Preview in Seachange VOD systems, graphics overlay and scaling is not working. Buttons have a tenancy to draw on top of each other.

Version 75.58-rel-9078Edit

  • Available for Models: All
  • Available Date: 2007-11-06
  • VOD Version: 05.22
  • Bugfixes:
    • ?
  • New or updated features:
    • The menu ovals are vertically shorter
    • The scroll arrows on the top or bottom of a list now have the text 'More Choices' around it.
    • Parental Control: Separate Movie and TV ratings locks, lock by content (Language, Violence, etc...), hide titles of both TV-MA and Adult content.
    • Search can use an on-screen keyboard (still limited to 5 characters), save searches.
    • If you type in a non-existent channel number, it will tune to the next available channel.
    • Pressing GUIDE while the program guide is displayed will toggle between the grid and single-channel list modes.
    • VOD Preview default action is to stop, not Buy.
    • DVR: When scheduling a live event, you will be asked how much time to add (must be enabled in Guide setup).
    • DVR: If there is a 5 minute or less program overlap, the DVR will clip the beginning of the second recording. The text (Clipped) will appear in the scheduled recording list, next to the recording dot. (must be enabled in Guide setup).
    • DVR: The Swap Tuner prompt will only show if both tuners are recording. The swap will be automatic otherwise.
    • DVR: When you reach the end of a recording, it will only pause. The delete popup will show after 10-15 seconds, or immediately if you hit STOP.
    • Official Comcast page: New Guide Features

Version 74.54-4003Edit

  • Available for Models: DCT-34xx, DCT-64xx PII & PIII
  • Available Date: ? - sometime prior to 2007-10-07
  • VOD Version: (Seachange Systems 4.82)
  • Bugfixes:
    • ?

Version 74.53-3321Edit

  • Available for Models: DCT-64xx PII & PIII, DCT-34xx, DCH-3416
  • Available Date: 2006-09-20
  • VOD Version: A231_VOD 23.45
  • Bugfixes:
    • "MUTE" bug during scheduled recordings. Comcast: "The DVR mute issue has been resolved. Pressing any key except mute and volume up or down will unmute a muted recording." Note that "MUTE" is now only displayed on-screen at the moment the audio is muted, not continually while muted. Also, canceling the mute will also cancel the automatic power off when the recording ends.
  • New or updated features:
    • Includes features of 73.44, plus...
    • 30-second skip feature is re-enabled on Comcast.
    • Fast-forward and rewind are much faster.
    • Introduction of Comcast Central channel 960 (in some markets).
    • "Subtitle Settings" page on the User Settings Menu.
    • "Additional HDMI Settings" page on the User Settings Menu, offering a DVI or HDMI output setting, wtih Color Space and Audio Output settings for HDMI.
    • Pressing the Menu button, then going to the Home icon now goes to Comcast Central instead of Main Menu (which can still be accessed directly by pressing the Menu button twice).
    • If a manual recording covers multiple programs, all will display a record icon in the guide.
    • Multiple Favorite lists can be created.
    • When displaying the guide (full or mini), pressing FAV will only display your favorites.
    • The DVR %Full number no longer includes the 3% used by the buffer.
  • Lost features:
    • Manual recordings that cover multiple programs no longer display divider ticks on the time bar. The individual programs no longer list their actual running time on the info screen, but list the entire recording time instead.
  • New bugs:
    • The graphic overlay doesn't always cover to right side of the 4:3 screen. This appears to be somewhat based on the length of the channel number and name.
    • Canceling a repeating manual recording after it starts will cancel all future recordings. The older software would just cancel the current one, but not affect future scheduled recordings.
  • Documentation:

Version 73.44Edit

  • Available for Models: DCT-64xx PI, PII & PIII, DCT-34xx
  • Available Date: 2006-06
  • Bugfixes:
    • --List software bugfixes--
  • New or updated features:
    • Screen saver.
    • Parental Controls can block On Demand.
    • Main menu reduced to fit on one screen.
    • MyDVR goes to DVR menu instead of DVR recordings menu.
    • On dual-tuner, trying to change channel while recording will offer a swap option.
    • Can unmute by changing cable box volume.
    • 30 Second skip feature is disabled (on Comcast, at least)

Version 71.44.1203Edit

  • Available for Models: DCT-64xx PI, PII & PIII; DCT-34XX
  • Available Date: 2004-11-16
  • Bugfixes:
    • --List software bugfixes--

Version 21.03-1226-44Edit

  • Available for Models: DCT-6208
  • Available Date:
  • Bugfixes:
    • --List software bugfixes--

Current HDDs Used in Motorola DVRsEdit

DCT-6412 Phase I and IIEdit

The DCT-6412 Phase I and Phase II use a standard SATA drive.

  • Seagate ST3120025ACE (CE=Consumer Electronics version of ST3120025A.)
  • Maxtor 4R120L0

DCT-6412 Phase IIIEdit

The DCT-6412 Phase III uses a standard SATA drive.

  • Maxtor 6L120M0
  • Seagate ST3120026AS
  • Seagate ST3120022AS
  • Seagate ST380817AS


  • Seagate ST3160023AS
  • Seagate ST3160021AS
  • Seagate ST3120827AS
  • Seagate ST3160212SCE


  • Seagate ST380012A

The models mentioned below need to be verified, as the 6208 is a modified 6200, and is IDE, not SATA.

  • ST380013AS
  • ST380011AS
  • ST340111AS
  • ST340014AS

All Other ModelsEdit

Not yet tested and verified.

Recording Capacity vs. HDD SizeEdit

  • On the 160GB drive the data partition is 147,581MB. At 5.6GB/hr, it would hold 26.3hrs.
  • On the 120GB drive the data partition is 109,900MB. At 5.6GB/hr, it would hold 19.6hrs.
  • The 160GB drive has 34% greater data capacity.

Hidden F/W FeaturesEdit

  • F/W version 12.31, found in the DCT6412 III and 3412 I, harbors an undocumented ability to recognize a 160Gb HDD.
  • Maxtor (Quick View series) and Seagate (Barracuda 7200.7 Serial ATA) HDD brands are used interchangeably in the DCT DVRs, so far three brands have been used in an operability test, done by four separate DCT DVR owners. One was a Western Digital (WD1600JS - SATA I Jumper enabled), two were Seagate, and one was a Samsung Spinpoint P 160GB. After installation, the HDDs were recognized and successfully formatted to 160Gb in all STBs.

Credits & DisclaimersEdit

  • Technical information credit goes to Cavu, who did a great deal of research on the numbers.
  • The highest capacity drive that was talked about and then implemented from Motorola is only 500Gb.
  • A 300Gb HDD was used in one of the boxes. Once formatted, only 160Gb was allocated. So, it would seem that no larger HDD will work beyond that, and the S/W & F/W are not intuitive or adaptable to anything higher than 160Gb.
  • As of software version 75.59 a25p2-2.S1.r-8 and firmware version 16.53, the SATA, and USB ports have still not been enabled. The HDD size is still limited to 160Gb.
  • It is important to note the testing took place in Canada (on cable systems utilizing i-Guide), where subscribers buy and own their STBs, unlike in America where they are rented from cable providers. Installing or replacing parts (modding) may violate the manufacturers warranty. In the U.S. if the modded box isn't returned to the CC in a pre-mod state, at the very least you will be forced to buy the DCT back for full market price.