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What to write about? edit

The theme may be the adventures of the author using non-standard ways of moving around the globe (see the section "About the hobo tourism" below in examples of author articles from Wikisource), including accommodation options; food in the native "canteens" side by side with representatives of the lower classes of society and a description of the dishes used by them.

In addition, articles can cover any aspects of travel and everything related to them: the use of hobo tourism methods in this direction of journalism does not mean at all that the thematic content of your material should be devoted to describing the author’s hobo adventures (or displaying the life of homeless natives); in this case, as mentioned earlier, this is just a way of implementing.

Title edit

The title should attract, intrigue, without disclosing the content. It should be remembered that a sonorous headline will not save a "gray" text from the wastebasket: the reader, looking at one or two paragraphs, will set aside your article ... for use as wrapping paper.

Based on what you are going to write about, you need to plan a route. But you can also go “from the opposite side”: spontaneously wander around the world, and then adventures will find you, perhaps even fall “like snow on your head” (see the section “Unplanned extreme” in examples of articles from Wikisource).

Some recommendations edit

If you are going to write on an ethnic theme — about “semi-savage” tribes living in the jungle overgrown with lianas — you should choose the countries of Africa or the island states of Oceania for the upcoming route (see the section “Ethnic Theme” below in examples of author articles from Wikisource ).

On the Asian mainland, people who look “a la Neanderthal”, alas, have not survived (and if they have exist somewhere in the forests of Indonesia, it is almost impossible to find them), it is better to go there in search of other topics, for example, for writing articles about the architecture of ancient civilizations. For this purpose, Cambodia is suitable, where there are more temples than mosquitoes in Africa; besides it — Thailand, Laos, etc. No less (and even more) attractive is visiting some states of Latin America, in particular, I recommend Mexico and Guatemala, which are replete with buildings of the Mayan civilization that are in varying degrees of preservation.

The theme of traditional cuisine is applicable to all Third World countries: one can describe both daily meals and extravagant delicacies that can shock a European (see the section "Culinary Features of Exotic Countries" in examples of articles from Wikisource).

Photo shooting is required.

Examples of articles from Wikisource edit

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