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History edit

The Nintendo Mini Classics was a 1998 revival of Nintendo's prior Game & Watch concept, using much improved contemporary technology and hardware designs.[1] Some Nintendo Mini Classics games were ports of existing Game & Watch games.[2][3]

In 2009 the systems cost between $5 and $20.[4]

As the console did not rely on cutting edge technology, production continued until at least 2014,[5] making this console line among the few to be on the market for well over a decade. The Nintendo Mini Classics would later be succeeded by the Game & Watch: Super Mario Bros.

Technology edit

Little is known about the exact technical specs of the Nintendo Mini Classics consoles, other than that the system is capable of gameplay roughly comparable to the Game and Watch.

The production of the Nintendo Mini Classics was outsourced to external companies.[6]

The system is powered by dual LR44/AG13 batteries.[7]

Notable Games edit

  • Donkey Kong Jr.[4]
  • Mario's Cement Factory[4]
  • Super Mario Bros[4]

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