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The Neo Geo AES (Arcade Entertainment System) was launched in 1990, costing the equivalent of $650 at launch.[1] In the United States of America, the Neo Geo was launched in 1991.[2]

Legacy edit

Samurai Shodown V Special, the last official Neo Geo cartridge, was released on April 22nd, 2004.[3]

Technology edit

A Neo Geo hotel unit

Compared to most home consoles of the fourth generation, the Neo Geo AES was technically superior in many aspects.[4]

Compute edit

The SNK Neo Geo AES is powered by a primary 16 bit Motorola 68000 processor clocked at 12 megahertz, and a secondary 8 bit Zilog Z80-A processor clocked at 4 megahertz.[5][4]

The Neo Geo AES has 64 kilobytes of RAM, 2 kilobytes of sound RAM, and 68 kilobytes of Video RAM.[5][4]

Hardware edit

The Neo Geo uses a custom graphics chipset which can draw 380 simultaneous sprites and three background planes simultaneously.[4]

A Yamaha 2610 chip is used for audio, and is capable of 15 channels of audio.[4]

The Neo Geo CDZ features a somewhat faster CD drive then a standard Neo Geo CD, though specific drive differences are not known.[6][7]

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