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Elecrow Industries is a company based in Shenzhen, China.[1] The Crowbits were designed by Richard Lee.[2]

The Elecrow Crowbits are a series of educational learning kits for learning electronics.[3] One such kit, the master kit, included instructions for a game console.[3][4] Marketing for the console showed gameplay of a game very similar to the NES version of Super Mario Bros..[5]

On June 1st, 2021 an Indigogo crowdfunding campaign for the product was successfully completed.[6] A Kickstarter campaign was also held.[7]

The Crowbits won a 2021 Red Dot design award.[2]



The cost of the Master Kit was between $149.90[8] and $139.90.[4]



The master kit game console makes use of a Crowbit module containing an ESP32 and a TFT display.[4]

The Crowbits were also unofficially compatible with Lego bricks.[9]



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