History of video games/Platforms/Bandai Super Vision 8000

History edit

Not to be confused with the later, but unrelated, Watara Supervision handheld game console.

The Bandai Super Vision 8000 was released in 1979 for 60,000 yen as the first cartridge based system released in the Japanese market.[1][2]

Bandai acquired rights to sell the Intellivision in the Japanese market and discontinued the Bandai Super Vision 8000 less than a year after launch to focus on the Intellivision.[1][3]

Technology edit

The Bandai Super Vision 8000 uses a NEC D780C (Z80 compatible) 8-bit CPU clocked at 3.58MHz.[3][4] The system uses a General Instrument AY-3-8910 coprocessor.[1]

Game library edit

  • Beam Galaxian[5]
  • Gun Professional[5]
  • Missile Vader[5]
  • Space Fire[5]
  • PacPacBird[5]
  • Submarine[5]
  • Othello[5]

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